The Job and a Frenzy Mother

Immediately after my studies were over, I started pushing myself to secure a job to pay off my study loan and stop my mum from working on weekends. I checked my email every hour, skimmed thru emails and online applications, vying for the job that required least amount of work but paid the most. Who was I kidding? If things worked my way, I'd rob a bank and support my family. I started harassing myself for not pushing myself hard enough to land a job. My mum added salt and jabs at me, by comparing me to the other Gujarati grads who worked in reputable companies and earned enough to spend all their pay on alcohol and still manage save to wear Prada. What she failed to elaborate was that they were all born rich with their moms sitting by the phones and wiping their brows by the pallus of their sarees and gossip about less-well-to-do families such as mine.

I love to spend on La Senzas. My aunt was staying with us for few days and she saw my pink and strings collection of La Senza knickers drying under the sun. I could practically see her nose upturned into disapproval as she wondered why panties needed to have ribbons and glitters. She then launched into a tyrade of motherly-toned advice on how I should save money and stop buying unnecessary things. Sometimes I wonder, why is it that only gujeratis fail to see the beauty in shopping? What's wrong with eating out at least once a month?


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