Sad News

Oh, woe is me! 

The really sad news that will affect vegan gastronomers is this; 31 Street Food near Central Market is going to shut down this Friday.

I have been going to this place since they opened about one and half years back. The first time I saw it, it looked too good to be true, I mean a vegan shop for ME located in the most prime location in whole of KL? Really, can this even be true?

I walked past it the first time, but the second time around I didn't miss it. First impression, it reminded me so much of Old Malacca and Jonker Street, it was love at first sight. Not to mention the friendly people working there. I recently found out that one of the servers there studied doctor and is in his final years. Gosh! Now that's news! 

I'm going to dig from the owner his nasi lemak sambal recipe, I mean I can get baked nori anywhere, but the's so out of this world. Let's hope he will part with his recipe. 


  1. Yea hopefully u can get the sambal recipe n share it with us too haha.

  2. Nice friend...visit mine if u free ekh ;D