Defunct Indian Babies

Remember my entry about this trip to the local orphanage near my house? There was this one kid that couldn't walk and my aunt Boby told me this harrowing tale of of that child. This is how it goes, the kid's mum was pregnant, she just knew her kid was defect-maybe the doctor was too late to tell her or maybe she couldn't afford legal abortion so when she delivered, she promptly left the newborn at the doorstep of the orphanage. It's like she knew the baby was defunct, like she knew there was no way she was going to fix that child and get her to walk. The kid is probably 10 or 11, speaks fluent English but her legs are hopeless. She crawls with her hands, and it was indeed touching to watch her move. I also think the people who manage the place didn't help her polish her true potential. She might be able to walk or walk on support, well at least not crawl all her life! How is she going to go by if she is PMSing? who's going to put her bra on for her? Will her fingers lose all their sensitiveness and become callous? Will she ever giveth a handjob? Ok fuck Im getting carried away LOL. And the other burning question is how did her mum just KNOW that this child is defect and had to be returned? Don't mothers have this invisible link with their child? Don't she ever think of this retarded child of her that she gave away to an orphanage? Yes, they're all brown and very much Indian.


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