Top 5 lies women tell men

Lets round them up!

1. Totally agree with. I organise his things and mine that sometimes I forgot where I had stored them and I have rack my brains filing things out

2. Ok, now this one is ridicolous. The only common thing binding us is alcohol and the need to see the world (albeit differently) The hell I am going to travel the world with a damn crayon set

 3. Yes, I am always virtually shaping him in my mind, sometimes it scares me to think that there might be two of me in this relationship. Really? That's what I want? I never fail to amaze me!

 4. This one doesn't work out for me, maybe for his exes yes!

 5. No one loves me more than I love myself, so if I look bad I need him to echo that. If I look hot I need him to tell me that too. This probably applies to insecure mummies and women who can't afford plastic surgery but want it badly


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