Bored of : Wikipedia

I have read every single thing there is to read about on Wikipedia. The origin of lynching, the KKK, Henry VII, the entire characters of X-Men, American Mafia history, Beatles, Yoko, culture, circus evolution, geishas, prostitution;  well the list goes on and on. I even read Henry VII twice!

Before pillars of earth made the connection of dirty and inhumane hygenice conditions in the 12th century, I had already figured this out in the colorfully illustrated history books at the local library where I often visit on my afternoons and weekends to read up on, like how people in the 12-15th Century don't usually last over 40. And how the pyramids were already 2000 years old when the Greeks discovered it.

Just saying, I used to have so much of free time, and I still do sometimes


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