Diwali Wishes

Happy Diwali to all you Hindu readers! I hope yours went well, mine was mundane ( no celebrations this year because my granma's death hasn't been a year)

So I did the obligatory thing, calling family members and wishing them Diwali and New Year and whatnot. Of all these people that I had called, were these two-lets put it this way odd characters that totally didn't bother replying my texted messages ( I had been warned of these peoples' characters beforehand) and therefore I had first had experience to their Severin attitudes. I honestly believe I'll never genuinely like them at all. So silly they are, with no sense of talk or dressing of table manners-farting in front of a group of human is not right, and no don't look at me and laugh it off. Really. You've. got. to. be fucking. kidding. me

Ok, lets move on from that *waves her hand to how I am celebrating my singlehood, my freedom as a singleton. with. a. car. I went to my three favorite beaches in Banting, I cooked three course meal Diwali dinner for my family, watched SkyFall (and failed to understand the utterly boring dry English humor throughout the movie, and didn't wince at all at the sight of M dying) then I had one last extended dinner with my clan, cleaned the house one last time and I'm reading off all my books so I will never have to place these lovely expensive books among dust in Malacca. Let never a good book rot in an open book shelf.

So, well Happy Diwali


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