Malaysia Today: Election Day

Malaysians of all colour, sizes and ages came out in masses to cast their votes today. They will be deciding whom and how they want the country to be run in the next 4 years. Given the very heated campaigning between both the ruling party BN and its Opposition, the People's Alliance (PR) many pundits are predicting slim margin of win for the ruling party, whatnot with its mass corruption and "ghost voters" being brought in to vote today. While I am not against the ruling party (only it's dirty ways, not its principles), I am also keen in wanting a change for this nation. Najib or Anwar? The philandering husband or the sodomist? Hmm, I am in a dilemma. Indeed this is a tough choice. I wish I was in Malaysia today to witness the most historic voting episode of Malaysian history. Alas, but I am here in Middle East with only Yahoo! Malaysia and Al-Jazeera to get my dose of Malaysian polling day reports

This a great day in our history. Let us not forget that

Update: I only wanted to know if my state had won, and win they did. So, that's two times in a row for GE12 and GE13

More to come, Najib meme...


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