Doha Review: Fem Wax Strips

Of all the over-the-counter wax strips I have tried on, this is probably the worst of it all. The wax on each of the strips is so little, even after much rubbing the wax is just isn't enough to melt, so it did a crappy job in removing tiny/fine facial hairs. I would recommend you to buy Nair wax strips, they have a gel-like wax that looks cartoonish with its glitter-like-wax but its strong and removes fine hair very well. Nair isn't as cheap as fem, it will probably cost you 25 riyals a box compared with 10-12 riyals for fem. 

While they are stringent on the wax, they splurge on the after-wax-wipes, each box contained 4 packets of it. You only really need one for the whole thing, so there you go. Fail.


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