Veet Wax Strips

I am an avid fan of Nair wax strips but alas, this time around Carrefour ran out of them so I had no choice but to decide between Fem wax strips and Veet wax strips. I tried FEM before, and you all know how that went. The wax strips had so little wax you couldn't reuse it at all! I loved the Nair strips they have glitter on the wax and the strips themselves are bi-color on a transparent strip, pink and green and they smelled totally great.

Today after using Veet for the second time, I've come to believe that they're no that bad after all. The wax is strong, you can reuse it many times. As a matter of fact you can use it to wipe off the remaining wax on your face! Let's just say that the part of my face that I wanted to wax was clean after the waxing process. They also have a generous amount of oil wipes, 4 pieces for 20 wax strips so it is actually quite good. The strips are thin and long, and if you need to use on a smaller area of your face then you can always cut it to different length accordingly. Veet was so good I only used like 2 strips and that did the job.

Here are some pictures of the product.


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