Monday, July 20, 2009

Graphic Tanks and Tees

I was listening to the other night and I came across a banner (they should stop tempting people with this e-banners) and the shirt on display chought my eye. Now, I'm not your common online shopper but that day somehow it tempted me to view high fashion from a different angle (that goes to you Guccis and Pradas) Suddenly *graphic* looked good and tasted good. Try savoring it with your tongue. Hmmmmm.....

Well, needless to say, I opened my PayPal, linked it to my Maybank2u and now Im deciding between Ed Hardy and Shiroi Neko

Satish said he'd get Hardy from Dubai since its cheaper there so I'll buy online the Nekos. Im indecisive about online shopping, but Im going to give it a shot. See if I get cheated or I make a purchase. 

Speaking of which, since my birthday is coming up over the weeekend, Im deciding on what to buy for priyu.

A. Will it be a sexy Charles & Keith?
B. A Boris and Julie poster?
C. Ed Hardy?

My pay will decide this after all

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