Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some rantings + a dream

I am feeling very depressed these days. Seems like nothing can cheer me up. Even I cant cheer myself up. My feelings and emotions are bottled up inside and I feel like screaming out loud! I think the main reason Im like this is because Satish is far away from me. He was suppose to come back this month but some financial glitch is holding him back. Last night I had an angry dream. My family went to the beach and my bitchy aunt's family joined in too. Along with the Perak bean counters. We ended up quarreling and bickering. I cried in my dreams because I was hairy and I couldn't run away from these geezers. I had wanted to go to the "clean side" of the beach and snorkel at the smaller islands. I finally managed to leave, but I was lost and I realized I had run all the way to the town. Luckily some security guards on smoke break showed me the right way and I back-tracked to the clean beach for a much deserved swim

After all the swimming done, I swam up to one of the smaller islands and rested on of the roofed-lawn-type-benches. I realise my bikini string top was loose on my shoulders so I tied it up. Just when I thought I was done, I heard a voice over the mounted speakers saying "will the girl with the pink bikini please tie up, your bikini is loose" I was soo embarassed I ran to the public washroom, locked it from inside and changed my bikini inside out. Luckily I was wearing a double colored one. Now its green. *sigh 

I had a long long day. I went back out and stole a towel. I saw the sun had set. I had missed the last boat to the mainland. I tried looking for a place to stay but all the hotels were booked full. I then noticed some hippies carrying mattresses into the washrooms. What could they be doing? I followed them and saw that they had laid out the mattresses on the shower cubicles and they were sleeping on it! One of them took pity on me and handed me a mattress. I was too tired to say anything so I took it and laid it on an empty shower stall, right next to the toilet cubicle. I was fidgeting on the mattress, all kinds of thoughts ran thru my mind. Hygiene. Mattress. Shower stall. What. Was. I. Thinking. Just then I heard the next door cubicle slam shut and heard someone peeing. Then someone splashed water and it hit my face. I arose with anger, threw the mattress aside and scrubbed my face with water and ran off the washroom. I waded to the sea, tears in eyes and I swam back to the mainland. I was guided by the hotels' blinking lights.

At last I reached the shore and went back to the hotel. By time I reached my family's cheap suite I was in full blown mad. I screamed at everyone, made my family pack and we checked-out right away from the shoddy hotel. We went to the "cleaner side" and checked-in in a posh hotel. The hell with my bitchy aunt and the rest of the bean counters

Finally! I exclaimed. I had a long luxurious bath in a rose-scented jacuzzi, then some called-in vegetarian food and then a good long sleep. I woke up right after this. Thinking..I slept in a toilet??? This is probably the weirdest dream I ever had. And the beach I dreamed all this happened was Port Dickson. 

Some dream!

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