Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Bizzy Body @ Pavilion

I had free Jusco vouchers to go for a free facial and body treatment at Bizzy Body slimming house. I made an appointment, paid RM 480 for a complete 5 sessions (nothing comes free, what did I tell you?) and went for my facial and body last weekend. The facial was good, until the part where she started to squeeze the 2-3 pimples I have on my face. Ouch thank you. I can do that myself!

It got worse when she sent me to the "tummy trimmer" room where they placed an OSIM look-alike tummy trimmer machine to my stomach and belt it shut with Velco. For 30 mins the damn thing drummed on my lower abdomen. After that she said was the wrapping and heating. Which to me it meant getting wrapped up in a nice hot towel and sauna. But hey I was mistaken!! She wrapped my whole body sans my face and boobs with plastic food wrapper and made me lie down for 30 mins on an electric blanket which didn't heat up as I had expected and I dozed off till someone knocked on the door. Finally, she cut loose the plastic and voila~ I haven't lost an inch. Thank you Bizzy Body for a crappy and dangerous treatment. Whoever thought that wrapping up themselves in food wrapper helped loose weight is in for SHIT.

All you lazy people out there, get those drum bells from your basement. Its time to get sweaty and nasty.

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