Thursday, July 30, 2009

Birthday treat

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I spent movies and dinner for my brother. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince wasn't what I had expected....but dinner made it up! We ate at Gopala's, Brickfields.

Staters Mock Sate

Main Courses Mock Fish

Mock Chicken

Greenies  Baby Kailan

Dinner cost me RM 45 for 4 dishes

24th Birthday

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I had a quiet birthday at home; with my parents, siblings (sans Priyu)

Cake was 12 piece carrot brownies from Secret Recipe

The initial birthday dinner plan was to make pizza (I had gotten all the cheese ready) but since no one was at home and mum was busy with her sewing, she got me to put the pizza plan on hold and make some quick and easy spirals pasta

The ingredients. I made spicy tomato pasta so I used Tabasco sauce, paprika and lots of chili powder

Ball pepper, crushed garlic and chopped onions

The Pasta~

My cake

I loved it

Monday, July 20, 2009

Graphic Tanks and Tees

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I was listening to the other night and I came across a banner (they should stop tempting people with this e-banners) and the shirt on display chought my eye. Now, I'm not your common online shopper but that day somehow it tempted me to view high fashion from a different angle (that goes to you Guccis and Pradas) Suddenly *graphic* looked good and tasted good. Try savoring it with your tongue. Hmmmmm.....

Well, needless to say, I opened my PayPal, linked it to my Maybank2u and now Im deciding between Ed Hardy and Shiroi Neko

Satish said he'd get Hardy from Dubai since its cheaper there so I'll buy online the Nekos. Im indecisive about online shopping, but Im going to give it a shot. See if I get cheated or I make a purchase. 

Speaking of which, since my birthday is coming up over the weeekend, Im deciding on what to buy for priyu.

A. Will it be a sexy Charles & Keith?
B. A Boris and Julie poster?
C. Ed Hardy?

My pay will decide this after all

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some shots of my good self

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Was just getting tired of food entries so I thought of adding some shots of my good self and one of me and Priyu together

Me somewhere...forgot where

Me and Priyu-trying out some outrageously expensive hats

Oii, how did this naked front cover get in here???

My Bhabi's cooking

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My Bhabhi has adapted to Malaysia so well and her Asian culinary taste has expanded so much, she can basically make all the Indian Continental dishes as well as local Malaysian dishes

To be noted is her tasty dodhi and aloo kofta. I loved it sooo very much. It tasted like hotel food. I could not believe how tasty it was. The moment it hit my mouth I was like in a different world already. Its like you can taste the love, time and energy spent on the food. Unfortunately I don't have the pictures with me. But believe me when I tell you I could taste the love in it, and that what's make her different and unique. Her maggi goreng is lovely. Its very light and tasty.

She cooks greenies so fast and so well, the texture, color and taste is so well preserved

Maggi Goreng

My usual thali. Bhabhi made sayur manis in the most exotic way I could imagine, tauhu sambal, ever so sweet, dhal curry and some coconut parut juice (sinful, I know)

Tofu Curry and Tomato Rice

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I love making the tomato rice. I usually replace the tomatoes with Hunt's or S&W's tomato paste, because our Made In China tomatoes aren't always that sweet (juicy maybe, sweet no) and the taste and color doesn't turn out that well in the dish. Unless you are using sun dried tomatoes or plum tomatoes, stick with the paste

The curry was easy to make. But frying the tofu without using any oil took an hour for me (due to the amount of tofu i used) It sort of looked like fried panner! Taste was good, curry was even better

Check it out

Tofu curry

Tomato rice

Curry and rice


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One thing Im proficient is-its the language of the pasta rino~ I made this from a pasta cook book I bought on a MPH sale from the National Library This one is a marinara sauce based with aubergines, I couldn't get any egg-plants in Banting markets so I settled with the wilting thin brinjals
The front cover

The real dish

Cook book cost me about RM8++

Wine and Cheese

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I had wine and cheese last week. Ever since I had read about sipping wine every night, I had started practicing it daily (whenever Im in Banting) to reduce my heart-beat rate and for longevity! Amen to the French for doing one thing right!

I used Gouda cheese, best there (for now...) is that goes with Red

I think I left it out to cool for too long because it wouldnt cut into slices; just breaks apart everytime I try to slim-bite-size cut it

A toast to longevity

Dinner at One Utama

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I forgot the shop's name but it was Shinu or Shi something. Chinese vegetarian shop. I was deciding to hit Pasta Zanmai again but changed my mind the last minute as I was starving!Food was hot and nice! But pricey! I ate alone. Ordered nasi lemak, fried prawns and mayo and chrysanthemum tea. Was deliciouss!!

Nasi Lemak

The fried prawns and yellow-mayo

The tea

Tab was about RM 35

Failed food attempts

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I tried to make Thai vege rolls but it didn't work out and mum had to throw away like 4 dishes of it. But the Peanut Sambal was good so we reused it for another dish the next day

Thai Peanut Dip-Sambal

Thai Vege Rolls

I was Googling for vegetarian lasagna recipe last week and came across this simple raisin-honey cookie recipe. It didnt work out so well, maybe I should have added more sugar in the dough and honey in the mixture

Tepung gandum and butter

I used brown sugar-heathier

Raisins measured-100 grams

Raisins and honey

Cookies going to oven

Cookies out!

Father's Day In One U

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For Father's Day, I brought my family (mom, dad, brother and Boby-aunt) to One Utama. We left in the morning and reached a bit early of our appointed reserved lunch time. So we spent some time in MPH, bought 2 books and then after a hearty lunch we went to Chikuyo or was it Chikoyu? The lunch was perfect as you can see, all the 5 dishes was wiped clean. My dad the food critic was soo busy stuffing himself full he forgot to complain about the dish. (He usually does this at home; "less salt", "too spicy" and "this is too much, whos going to finish it?") Yum Yum! 

The mock Assam Fish. This was heavenly!

The Claypot Vege. This didnt come in a claypot and I didnt the like corn-starchy feeling it had

The roasted duck was superb. The balance was fantastic!

The vege mock-steak

Total Bill: RM 110++

After lunch, we hit Pasta Zanmai for dessert. I went there with Satish before and I loved the dessert. We had the nicest time eating our vegetarian pasta and since their dessert was superb, I saved my stomach for ice cream and crepes!. We ordered like 6 dishes. Strawberry ice cream, banana-chocolate, green tea and black sesame, and the best of all-strawberry crepes!

My banana-chocolate

My half eaten grub

Boby's Green team-black sesame

The sweetest dish of all--strawberry crepe! Although I must say the crepe wasnt so fresh..

Love the berries and the was so heavenly!

Tab came up to RM 95
Who said desserts are cheap these days?!

Mom and dad

Boby and her dessert; she didnt order it, I had accidently ordered extra. Hey, who's complaining?

Second round of dessert

 Brother polishing off everything

Yum Yum!!