Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anonymous Blog Fan Angry At Me

Here I am playing with baby Krish and passing time till its bedtime for me! I'm going to have a looong day tomorrow and I want to get an early head start!

And also lately I have been getting "spammed" by this reader who keeps leaving some angry comments on my blog. I changed my Comment Moderation and since then the bitch is unable to comment on my blog without revealing her identity so she post a note on my ChatBox. Here are my guesses on who that person is. First bet, you already know. You left a comment at 11.40ish last night. There can only be one person free enough to browse the web, update her FaceBook and peek at my blog to see if her comments are still there (my blog, I removed your comments) and then decide to leave a post on my ChatBox

Second bet is Satish's ex Sharan. If she left the comment, then I'm glad. The message went across. Leave. My boyfriend. Alone.

1 comment:

  1. I just manager to get the IP address of the user.
    Anyone can help me out with this? The IPs are and This could mean it came from Streamyx or DCHP...