Tuesday, January 26, 2010

# malayalee engagement

BFF Got Engaged Last Weekend

Among other brimming good news, my BFF got engaged last weekend to a very handsome man. She looked so feminine and demure I almost cried with joy!

I went to get her white roses as she wanted her hairdo to look like female lead of Om Shanti Om. Personally I think she would look great in a classic Hepburn but she wanted to avoid guests from sticking jasmine in her hair (for blessing and keeping bad luck away??)

I loved the whole ceremony. I had too much of chocolates and Jelly Beans (I got excited or JBs, ever since the Muslim government ran a biased article of JBs based on pigs, they stop selling them at Famous Amous) Damn politicians should watch Discovery. Its there how and what JBs are made of!! If you close your nose, you cant taste it because JBs runs on nose not tongue.

Anyways back to the engagement. There was a beginning (dressing up, arriving, waiting for the groom) and then it started raining and I got hungry. The groom was a bit late for the ceremony. Was about to start at 7 but they reached at 8 PM. And that's when I realised that the priest was also a Red Cross Instructor. Back when I was in uni, I went for a Disaster Recovery BootCamp and this guy was there conducting classes I dangerously came close to failing due to his extreme boringness in relaying the whole topic and I was woken up twice by some senior when I came close to dozing off.

Then there was the existing middle (exchange rings, sprinkling of flowers) and then the finale (taking pictures with the bride and groom!!)

And conclusion was a good meal as pictured above, and then the dash back home (still draped in Saree and Shu Eumura)

My uncle got excited when he saw Jane's pictures. I told him college girls are off limits! Kidding! That was a great night. I had never felt that good since Priyu got married!

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