Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Dinner @ Jenjarom

I had a great night out with my cousins at the local Chinese Vegetarian shop at Jenjarom. One of my cousin celebrated her birthday couple of days back and decided to treat us for dinner tonight. Dinner was great, the cake was lovely we had a blast of a time!! Some pictures I'm posting here...carefully edited because I know my cousin is not much of a look-at-me fan

Let's start with some food porn, shall we? 

After the jump:

Fried mushrooms which they called Fried "frog" due to the shape of the mushrooms

Sizzling tofu (made of soya), we requested them to use tofu instead of soft Japanese tofu (made of eggs)

Tom Yam Fish

Curry something

Fried hen

Stir-fry mixed vegeis

All the dishes arranged together for a good shot

The black forest birthday cake

Empty plates and dishes

Yours truly~

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