Friday, January 1, 2010

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Dinner Tonight

Did some massive shopping @Jusco Johor Jaya (RM 600++) and here's what I made for dinner. Okra in Nyonya Tom Yum Paste (for the recipe look at my I'm Following blog) It is really simple to make but i tweaked it. I added all the leftover vegeis from the fridge. Mine was watery, less salty, the whole ding. As for the tofu in red sauce, I went all out. Blended fresh tomatoes and red chilis, added some lemon juice, canned tomato paste (I wouldn't recommend it because the vinegar in the can really spoil the original blended tomatoes paste flavor) But I was in a rush so I used a bit of the canned sauce. I wanted the red color to really come out without using too much chilis.

Here's some pictures after the jump:

Loved it!

We had too much of purple cabbage in the fridge, it was going to go to waste so I added it as a raw topping to the okra dish. I also added carrots, long beans (were going to go rot), potatoes and red pepper. Speaking of pepper, I finally found---PINTO BEANS AND CHAYENNE PEPPER. Well, the chayenne came in a bottle (again, when will I ever get a fresh bunch?) Pinto beans were lovely organic made so I took a pack. I also added to the push cart thyme and rosemary (bottled, really). Anyway the dishes were good. Loved it

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