Friday, January 8, 2010

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Martinis and Beers @ Malones KLCC

I went with my boyfriend to KLCC yesterday to this place next to Apartments called The Malones or something like that. I especially loved my Strawberry Martini. I mean I really loved it! I'm very fussy when it comes to food and if the place has constant whiff of oil and smells on the air, then it's on my blacklist. However, there are exceptions to some food eateries. I have eaten in great 5 star hotels to crampy 4 tables stalls. Sometimes you can't tell which one is the better because the food is equally tasty and gorgeously inviting. I know my taste buds are not that refined but I know mine likes great food.

Anyway back to my Martini. It was in a martini glass, my mix was perfect. Initially I was put off with the green salt they rimmed my glass with thinking "here we go, salt on my martini" till i tasted it and it was crystallized apple flavored sugar! Who would have thought? Lovely. I couldn't stop myself from licking off bits from time to time. He he he...

The ambiance was dark and boring (well, to me) the menu is catered mainly for pot bellied ang mohs (there's a separate wine menu-I'm currently in love with Brown Brothers, yum yum I finished the whole bottle!) We never tried the food (nothing vegetarian) and Satish didn't want to go Chili's upstairs so we ended up drinking, fighting and making up later. A tiring day. I slept off the moment I put down my book. Zzzzz.....

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