Saturday, February 27, 2010

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Double Happiness Double DInner

I am so stuffed right now I feel that I might just explode! I met my brother at KLCC to pass him some cheques and because he was hungry so we went to Chili's. But since my bhabhi had made dinner so I saved some space in my stomach for dinner at home!

Here's what I had at Chili's with my brother

Bottom-less nachos and sauce

Frozen strawberry Margarita for my brother

I forgot what's it called, it had a fancy 4-5 word name but the basicly its honeyed chicken

Quesadilla-vegetarianised for me

Warm chocolate chip cake with lovely molten lava of chocolate cream filling and vanilla ice cream with frosted chocolate topping

SouthWestern Sling-mix of berries and ice cream = smooth smoothie

Overall tab came up to RM 142 
Tipped RM 10

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