Friday, July 16, 2010

Yawn yawn

Good morning lovelies!

I am in an extra good mood this morning, simply because my birthday is looming closer and I've got tons to plan for! Shall I go to JB and celebrate with my sister and her baby? Or spend some time with my brother and sister and celebrate it here in KL-perhaps a movie and Chili's. Or everyone pile up and head to JB to celebrate it together? Well, money wise I am in a bit of a tight situation, planning to buy a new house and all. But lets see what the weekend says!


  1. Anything will do. Just do what makes you happy. Advance happy birthday! C:

  2. an advance happy bday wish to u then :) mine was just a coupla days ago - but i removed the display of my bday in facebook and told ppl who remembered not to tell anyone... can't stand celerating my bday. being the center of attention for a day is pretty awkward :/

  3. **foot print**
    Advance happy bdae..! ;]
    Anyway Thanks for ur nanged.
    Nanged and clicked on ur adv. ^^