Friday, October 22, 2010

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Birthday Bash at Chayo

Had dinner at Chayo, which serves organically made vegetarian food-to my delight! I didn't quite fancy the location tho, it was in Kelana Jaya not really in the prime area where I hang out but I guess it was convenient for family members to gather plus food was scrumptious!

Some pictures after the jump!

My empty cup of tea

Jelly cake, I didn't like it, looked cheap.

The kids' menu, miniature burgers and popiahs

The toppings and sauces for the tacos and samosas

The parotha was bland to taste *yuck* but the dhal was slightly better. Both not my cup of tea.

Loved the tacos 

Fragrant rice, nasi lemak, lovely greenies and samosas! I took 3 helpings mind you!

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  1. looks like a good place to hv a nice eat-out.. but KJ.. must think twice, hehe..