Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Wisdom "Tabletop" removed

So I am going to be starting on shifts again and since I got 2 days off, I decided to pay the dentist a visit to remove my hurting crown. It wasn't as bad as it was in 08 when my wisdom tooth hurt for 30 mins every time I eat. The throbbing got so bad that it affected my work. This time, I was wiser-get it out before it got to me

I went yesterday but the Indian lady said she can only give antibiotics but not perform the surgery right away (I think she wanted to go back home cos it was already 4PM) and rescheduled me today with the same dentist who did my tooth the last time around. 

After 2 numbing injection of anesthetics, he started with my tooth. The whole procedure lasted for about 30 mins and I walked out 700 ringgit poorer!

Cold food till the wound heals and an appointment next week to remove the stitching. 

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