Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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F1 Race Last Weekend

Well, I had almost the whole week off and 4 tickets to spare, with only 3 of us actually going for the here are the pictures for my fans!!

We were lucky we found polo shirts our sizes, because the remains were XXL sizes in cheap material tees, and the design this year was terrible, looked more like green paint splashed on it and as you can see from the stack no one wanted to buy it, I mean this is just the top rack, and there were more on the floor, discarded..but the polos sold soo fast when I turned around the whole stack was empty!!
I think I'm in love with Karthik now...he is sooo cuteee

OMG! Karhik!! He is soo cuteee

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Yay, Ferrari!

What a great start! The sound was thunderous!

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