Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Night out at Zouk

Let me start by saying that Zouk was the only place in KL that had "decent" Trance music in the whole of KL. Decent by my terms means BOHRINGG!! But the DJ did a good job in remixing them so it wouldn't bore patrons. 

We started off the night in Malacca, beat and tired I was ready to plunk when my boyfriend, now fiancee (sounds weird when I say it, cos I am so used to saying boyfriend) decided to go to Genting. Well, no one was up to it so I put on a boring shirt and halfway out, he said we're going clubbing and Genting was just a front. Then it was the frenzy of buying the right clubbing clothes before all the retail shops closed. After a quick change in the loo, we we driving around calling his cousin and me checking my GPS for any trance clubbing place in KL. We had done Heritage Row few days back and didn't want to go back there again. Finally we settled on Zouk and with him speeding we reached KL in 1.5 hours flat! 

We had shots of sambouca and beers. We were going thru our wallets to check if we had enough money and we decided to keep my Sing dollars away and spend his moolah. The illegal parking spot cost us RM25! It was just on the pavement! 

I forgot how much the cover charge was but it included free beers. So after like 2 buckets of beer, I was high and I didn't want to fall over in my sky high heels so we danced without my heels. I think my boyfriend buried his head in the speaker at some point and made me laugh. I was PMSing so didn't dance very well. Haha, my dress was too short it kept hiking up. Zouk started closing at 3AMish and we still had 4 bottles of beer to go. Never the one to let a good beer to go to waste, I grabbed all 4 and we made our way out of Zouk. Luckily I wasn't driving because I was too drunk to remember what happened for the remaining of my exciting night with my boyfriend. I remembered juggling the beer bottles on my lap and between my ankles in the car and singing out loud with the window down! 

Apparently we had checked into a hotel, had the bestest sex (according to my boyfriend) we ever had in all our years being together-undressing while doing it!! C'mon! 

Try as I might, I still can't recall anything beyond the singing in the car. Even that was kind of hazy at best.

But then at least I didn't end up like this guy when we were getting wasted in Malacca... Malacca! That was fun uppercase F!

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