Wednesday, October 26, 2011

# chris kula # funny email

My Farewell Email

Before I begin, allow me to give credit to Chris Kula who initiated his wickedly funny farewell email which inspired mine. Also I emailed him with my blog link (and forwarded him a copy i think?) I can't be sure but I did credit his work. I was leaving my old job and I wanted to make an "impacting" exit (haha) because there were some grievances and anger bottled up that I never quite got it raised out. You know, other that the usual low salary, there's this rotten egg that was always picking on my work and I was getting tired of cleaning up other peoples' mess all the time. Towards my final days at work, what amused me was the copycats that copied my emails-words, sentencing, grammar and all! One thing tho, someone kept mixing up the plural and singular words and typing them out incorrectly. Take this for example; leads' are plural and it shouldn't go lead's--that's singular, you asshole! So if someone wanted to address a whole bunch of leads, the email ought to go leads' not lead's!!

FYI this isn't right--lead's'----WTF is that??!!! That. Does. Not. Sound. English

If you wanted to copy my emails at least get them right!

Overall, I did enjoy my three year tenureship with my old company and they were generally some very nice people that I hung out and got wasted with. The rest were pretty much a blur and to this day I still haven't figured out some of their names...I kind of remind myself of this guy in Outsourced (more about him here)

Have fun reading my farewell email, I know I was laughing when I typed it