Monday, October 31, 2011

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Vege Ham Burger Patties

I woke up today rummaging thru an empty fridge. I was running low on food and had been rationing the damn fusili for weeks. But enough is enough, just because I am vacating this place doesn't mean I don't get to stock up on food, given how expensive eating out is in Cyber. I was in luck @Carrefour today, the vege ham looked fresh and the manufacturing date was last week! Wohoo! I missed preparing and eating burgers (they take so long to prepare and so fast to consume!) I forgot the order on where the salad and tomatoes go but managed to balance them out without the burger falling apart, only to have the cheese melt on the burger patty! In conclusion, the burgers were filling and they tasted good. To show you the goey-ness joy I had today that counted as lunch and dinner, here are some pictures. I finished it off with leftover orange slices and yoghurt drink

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