Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back Pain

Well it all started few weeks ago when I was at my fiancée's place and did wee bit more work that I could take and my back was straining when I was finally done. Misjudging my body, I thought I could recover once I was back in Cyberjaya. Alas, that was not the case. Now the small of my back hurts like hell and I can barely sleep straight, I have to sleep sideways and in foetal position to ease the pain. Never mind the bus ride to Malacca was smooth, but the pain increased gradually and I it got me all teary when I finally reached his place. I was just about to remove the dusty pillow cases and bed sheet in one of the rooms that his mum called and asked me to sleep in with her in her I don't know about you but that's the room Satish's dad used to sleep and I'm not about to cross that border. Hell I don't even sleep in my parents room when my mum is alone and wants a company because well to me its their privacy (but I do clean up and find stuff! *wink *wink)

And I know sleeping in his parents room means sleeping on a thin mattress laid on the floor and I'm not about to let the pain get bad so I'll just settle down this room and when count my days when I'm back to Banting, on the comfort of my bed, surrounded by framed images of my siblings and I. 

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