Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weird Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night, and in my dream I was standing on a grass field and there were couples walking and I had a thin stem of small rose and the petals were dropping off so I ran across the field (the grass was knee high) and it was so vividly green! As I was running, I shook the petals so it came off and left a small bud. The rose was a nice shade of wine red and I saw a couple walking in front of me; they had a nice bouquet of roses so I ran faster. I was wearing this red, black and whitish gown and it was getting cut everywhere. I got tired so i fell flat on the grass to lie down and closed my eyes when i opened them i saw my ex boyfriend walking towards me so I picked up my gown and started running again.

At the end of the grass field there was this stream with nice shaped sand designs and the stream cut to a sea. I walked on the sandy stream and there was this restaurant in the middle of the stream and Satish was there so I ran to him and hugged him and then we were on the grass again (weird right, but hey anything is possible in a dream!) and he was on top of me and topless and he looked big and strong n tanned. heheh the end!! I woke up at that lol

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