Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gluttony vs Boozing

I read somewhere on the net that cancer among women is not contributed more likely due to obesity, as compared to smoking. Really? So it's ok to smoke but not ok to practice gluttony? You have got to be kidding me. What women should worry about is if they have actually achieved their goals in life. I know I sound like an overachiever but my parents have been pushing me to perform in life so when I see some family members that are content with raising babies and dumping diapers I go like WTF! Why study so much and so hard la, if the goal in life is to get married and pop the bun every 9 months. Not to mention the study loans, credit card bills thrown at family members after the marital departure and it ends up with the remaining un-married siblings to pay of the debts of the married woman. Or the debt being carried forward and paid by the husband. Ha ha ha. Got cheated into marrying a burden eh? And don't get me started on this Indian thing with the son of the house has to carry all the responsibility of the entire family. So if you have a gazillion female siblings and a handful of male siblings, so the sons are f*cked up with taking the responsibility of their female counterparts (i.e paying for their wedding, debts and credit card bills) Fortunately in my household, my brother is the youngest so he has the least expectations & burden from my parents. He's bit spoiled tho but no one's complaining. Sometimes I get upset when I see my fiancee struggling, ok I'm not going to go to details here because I heavens know who will be reading my blog. Just saying, there's no such thing as "it's my brother's responsibility" F*ck u! LOL

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