Monday, December 19, 2011

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Langkawi Trip III : Food

Here comes the food post! 

We ate at a Thai seafood shop, the only attraction at this place? Sexily dressed she-men, food was lousy. I'd rate this place 3/10. Yes, it's that bad
I had meager portion of rice and vege..the waitress promptly forgot all about our fish dish after a big group of white people came in
Dinner the following night at Royal Palace or something in Pantai Cenang. The food was OK, the naan was dry, the curry dishes were burnt and instead of washbasin there was a jug of water and a patch of plants to wash your hands and rinse your mouth
Some muck
I'm saving the best for the last. I had been telling my family to go to T-Jay's all along but after 2 days of eating not so great food they finally decided to follow my heed and we came here for a scrumptious dinner of pizzas, hell they even custom made one with my mum's choice of topping
My mum's pizza

The bread sticks were great, hell I was full eating those sticks 

The wash basin at Palace of India, Pantai Cenang Langkawi
Rotten Indian food

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