Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Viking Seafood @ Permatang Pasir, Banting

We ordered second refill of the fried rice, it was that good and we all ate like pigs
Baby kailan, cooked without Chinese wine because of the Muslim patrons that came to the restaurant. We saw at least 3 tables of them here.
Tom Yum cooked fish, which my brother said was fresh because the fish melted in his mouth. Really? That's how it works?

Not in the picture is the sizzling tofu, which was great and soft, and it didn't smell of egg (usually Japanese tofu reeks of egg)

The best seafood in Banting is in Viking Seafood in Jugra near Permatang Pasir. It's an off road location which even my GPS did not find it. We had to squeeze thru narrow road just to reach there. Just when you thought you were lost, you come across a signboard that says Viking Seafood. It was windy that night and there was no moon due to eclipse so we couldn't see the sea, but while enjoying our dinner we got the chance to hear the sound of waves crashing ashore and lights blinking from sampans. Of the occasional lightning, I could make out Morib from the distance. According to the locals, we can boat from Kelanang to Morib from there.

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