Friday, May 18, 2012

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Indian Wedding Venue: Outdoor Wedding Cost

It dawned upon me that I will not be able to have my outdoor wedding, now that my fiancee and I have decided to skip the pre-party, the dinner and the dance so we can squeeze everyone for a one-time event; the wedding itself.

I wished his stupid sisters had saved enough for their own stupid weddings instead of depending on his dad and my fiancee for wedding money. I know I shouldn't complain but these idiots have drawn back the cost of OUR wedding, not something I am willing to forget so easily. So while they're busy breeding, we're busy rationing ourselves to save enough for our wedding.

Anyways this blog entry is meant to showcase the outdoor wedding options available in the market and how much everything is going to cost

I have always wanted a beach wedding but with 500 yahoos and unpredictable weather, and not to mention a tight budget we will have to close a lid on that one

Lets begin, shall we?

First up, Cyberview Lodge and Resort (one of my favorite hotels around)

I am brown so I am only going to put up the Indian menu, it was in an original PDF file but I made a JPEG out of it

And you know something else, if the weather is bad, they can move the whole outdoor party indoor and their halls are kind of spacious. This is what you've been waiting for, the pricing!

Their indoor hall (Cindai ballroom) can fit a minimum of 200 pax and up to 40 tables. So thats 10 yahoos per table, you do the math.

The only single drawback to the garden wedding is that they only allow it on WEEKDAYS (Mondays-Thursdays) yeah folks even Friday is weekend. Yeap! Outdoor wedding can only fit like 150 pax and given the size of a typical brown family-again visualise dream cloud dissipating, thank you very much

Next up is the Golden Palm Tree in Sepang, I think its also known as Sepang Gold Coast

Fanciful and very very expensive

Since these guys didn't email me Indian menu, all they had was International and Chinese menu (figures) I will post the whole lot cropped and resized in JPEGs, their phone number is in one of the images, you will have zoom to read it

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