Monday, June 4, 2012

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Wedding Venue: Wisma LJT

This is truly a gem of a  located in Taman Melawati behind Maybank but both halls; on levels 4 and 6 are only rented out to Muslim weddings, due to racial reasons. This property is owned by Sime Darby, oh no guess there and houses several offices and juru-ukurs. Both halls are outsourced to third party weddings planners, like the hall in level 6 is outsourced to a Mr Azim and the one in Level 4 to some Mrs something, they have pamplets at the lobby so you will have to call them in order to view the halls. Im not going to bother putting up the phone numbers here also, for racial reasons. But I went a step ahead and requested the SIme Darby people to show me all three halls, stating that I was out of town and I took the day off today to scour for possible wedding venues. SO there was a nice lady who showed me around and all in all its not a bad place to host a wedding.

Of course my entry here is not completely honest. What about Level 5? Well, that one is maintained by the LJT management itself, and it is newly renovated, its only been used for like two events and both also internal events. I am getting a reply from them this Thursday if they allow Indian wedding and fire and all that shit, sometimes I hate this fucking religion its all retarded and consumed around fire. Burning the dead (fire there) run around in circles around wedding pyre (fire there) and house warming pyre (ruin perfectly good plaster ceiling with fire stains) and the burning/immolation of a widow (fire there) And all Indian people are oily, dirty and smelly. That smell is synonymous with Indians, but I am not not ashamed to admit it. Hey, look at the bright side, at least we shower 2 times a day (listen white people)

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