Monday, August 13, 2012

Kuala Lumpur: Hare Krsna Celebration for Krsna Janmastami

I have to stop with this feet thing ha ha ha
Last Friday my dad, Boby and I went to the KL Hare Krsna mandir in Taman Yarl at Old Klang Road for the Krsna Janmastami which is celebrated annually at the stroke of midnight to commemorate the birth of the blue god (actually he is black) and his heroic life of good vs evil. Anyways, some changes in the mandir, but overally it was good. Finished at 1am and reached home tired and worn and 2.30am
There's a story behind this incomplete statues of deities...its a long one and I won't explain it here, you could wikipedia it though
The hare krsna man himself, whom discovered the sect
The bringing of Radha-Krsna deities inside the temple

Some women dancing

Wait for it...
...a bit more...
...we're getting there...
And here we are!
Clearer shot, just look at the food laid out at the deities as offerings

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