Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Weekend Gateway: Himalayas

Waiting patiently at BKK for transit

Rewarding myself with a whiskey and coke

Pashupathinath temple, the oldest Siva temple in existence
Alot of legends associated with this temple and no cams were allowed inside

Monkey temple
Buddhist temple    

Lucky enough to witness, albeit from much farness the inauguration of a live Goddess Kumari
Killer crowd, notice the crowd perched at the temple dome bottom
My feet again, this time 4000ft above sea level
Aptly named Everest beer, facing of course Everest

Winding road and vast mountains leading up to Nagarkot
Sunrise at Nagarkot, great view of the Himalayas

Medieval castle transformed into hotel

Atop a temple in Kathmandu
Gauri Shankar and two other mountains, this mountain is off limits to climbers

And what you waited for, right from the pilot's cockpits. the great Mt Everest (on the left)
Thamel after afternoon rainpour
The spinning soundless bells are heavy, it has the Buddhist "Om mane Padme Om" chants repeatedly written a million times in a continuous roll of paper so every time you spin a wheel you just chanted a million chants
Precariously dangling my cam to get the winding road shot drive up to the mountains  

Goodbye Nepal~

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