Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bhagvad Gita 7-day Talk

Once upon a time, there was this Indian whom went up to Kailash (picture the opening scene of Hachiko the movie) and meditated. When he descended upon the mass Indian public he decided to give the ignorant fools of Kali Yuga the blessings of Ram and Sita. Ok, Im bad at this. Lets just get on with it. So the bhaiji and his sidekicks (doesn't allow himself to be called pandit or maharaj) was here for 1 week plus giving bhagvad gita saptas in Laksmi Narayan Mandir in KL. To rope in a non-believer like myself to attend 4 out of the 7 days was good enough. Now I feel cleansed of my sins. Ahh the feeling when you wake up and realized its Saturday, that's how I felt! LOL Maybe I ought to follow this path to Godhead. Wait a minute *mulls this over and over in her head* Nope, I'm still good. Food was good, I was dead tired after the last round in Malacca mandir. My cousin was practically Walking Dead. So I'm thinking I want to be pandit too, I get to see the world at the expense of other people, people fall at my feet for blessings and I get chauffeured around in Bentleys. Must be a great feeling that one! All I have to do is sing Bhajans and talk from Hindu scriptures for 2 hours daily. *grins*

Me and Sejal Bhabhi

(Gold) slippers

Vimala bhabhi and Darsh

Final sapta @ Malacca. He's heading to BKK this weekend

A hot shot of myself. The end~

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