Saturday, March 9, 2013

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A trip to the Chetti Caterers in Jonker Street Malacca

Remember my old post here about a trip to an unknown part of Jonker Walk in Malacca? This is a detailed follow up after 3 years.The other day, under the sweltering heat of Malacca town, my mother in law and I walked under the generous shade of the golf umbrella to the chetti shop that does the catering for my husband's families many occasions. The chetti is always hard to reach, he's either in KL or jetting off to London to cook for Indian temples there. We finally caught hold of him two days ago and decided to pay him a visit to settle pending payments. After a walk down winding back-alleys of Jonker Street we came across this wonderful haven filled with clusters of people working under the Malacca heat with humongous fireplaces and gigantic woks. Indeed it was a sight to behold. Impressive, yes. Interesting, yes. Truly Malaccan, indeed yes.

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