Saturday, April 20, 2013

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Dental Experience at Doha

The reception desk
Let me start by saying that not all doctors are bad in Doha, and we're pretty lucky we landed a really good dentist in Doha, which is like 20 minutes of walking distance from where we stay. My tooth first started aching when I was Malaysia and my husband; good natured as he is said that his insurance covered 80% of dental expenses but he was doubtful of the doctors here because some of his friends had really bad experience with the doctors in Doha. Like I said, it probably differs for each individuals and how much they're willing to spend for medical here, and what kind of insurance they have got themselves covered. We were lucky we had Daman which is a panel of Munich Health Insurance so we had pretty much alot of medical complications covered 100%.

The Queen Dental Center is located in City Center, Doha at West Bay. I went last week to fix my lower jaw second molar but he said the problem I had was not with the tooth itself but with the cavity build up in and around my teeth. I was thoroughly scolded by Dr Mahdi (he's the consultant there) for not using mouthwash and floss. He did an Xray and used a pen-like device with camera at the end of it to view and show me the decay and cavity in my teeth and gum. There was this one particular bad cavity that was eating my tooth away and it reached deep into my enamel. When he drilled the cavity out to cover it up with composite filling he saw that the tooth next to my upper jaw third molar was decaying also. And because he covered the first wound, he opened up a whole new wound at the molar next door (second molar) which then ended up hurting a lot every time I ate and the gums around the tooth started to bleed and was swollen by time I went for a follow up today at 6 with my husband. My insurance approval was taking forever to come through so the doctor grew impatient and he did my tooth first.

The doctors here at the clinic
The X-Ray room
The waiting room, segregated of course
The first appointment cost me about 2600 riyals and 80% of it was covered by my husband's insurance. This time I went back without paying because I had scheduled a third appointment next weekend with my husband to remove my second molar on my lower jaw off its amalgam filling, decay and cavity and cover that with composite filling. Also the tooth next to it is slowly decaying too so he is going to look into it too.

My husband had a chipped central incisor so he fixed that and because he smokes, he has really yellowed teeth and about 6 more tooth to fix-so he did the smart thing. He requested the dental clinic to bill him for all the 6 tooth and then paid the remaining 20% So all his consequence appointments are no more calculable

Overall I was very happy with the doctor and he spent a good amount of time explaining my teeth conditions.  Also scaling isn't so bad-contrary to many beliefs which two doctors there recommended me to do once every 6 months. Overall, I had a very good eye opening experience with the dentist in Doha

PS-bring your own USB to save all the X Ray and before after images