Monday, April 29, 2013

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Postal Vote for Malaysians Living Overseas

Last year, despite registering as a voter I had failed to foresee that I would not be in Malaysia for the election this year. Searching far and low online, I was only able to find one website explaining in details on the procedure of postal voting for Malaysians living abroad. I am majorly dissappointed in for failing to provide B1 forms for users to download. I know the "expiry date" has passed for this election, but there really is no harm in making the form available for all. You never know which country you'd be in the next 4 years.

So I am doing the right thing by providing you information on how to register for postal vote. First things first, you have to be a registered voter beforehand in Malaysia.

You may download the form I have from ------>here, which is the B1 form for postal vote for registered Malaysian voters staying overseas. The link will bring you to KLN website

There are a few ways to register as postal voter. They're all highlighted below in detail:

Make sure you fill in the details, expecially if you have more than one Malaysian office in your country of residence. For me, there is only one Malaysian embassy in Doha and it houses the Consular too, so all my papers get endorsed there. It doesn't matter what foreign address you put in your form, they will still post you the approval papers to the address in your Malaysian IC. If you can't retrieve these papers just ask someone to scan and email them to you so can print out and show during voting.

And finally, you have to call and check with the local embassy nearest to you if they have received your postal voting papers. On voting day, present your B1 form (I hear you can show e-copy from your electronic devices)

Good luck and if they won't let you in, just raise your voice a notch higher, Malaysians are timid they will let you in to vote

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