Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Bahrain Part III : The Day Tour

We walked to and back from Ramee Baisan to the National Museum on the second day of our trip, and that  visit is covered in Bahrain Part I

We arrived at night, after we were delayed by 45 mins so we arrived in Bahrain at about 9.30pmish. We took one of the "black cab" here which was spacious, and along the way saw a vintage 50s car driven around by Bahraini youth. The car surprisingly in a good mint condition with original tyre rims and tyres

Some pictures taken on the drive to the hotel

On the 3rd day, we walked to the WTC center, that's the building that looks like two pieces of glass shards held up together, and there are three wind turbines in the middle of it. It's right behind Sheraton Hotel, and across The Tulip Hotel. The grounds of this WTC houses high end luxury retail shops. Nothing I can afford but the walk was good. We also noticed riot police at Manama traffic light junctions, it full riot gear. Probably because of recent clashes couple of weeks back

We went to Souq Waqef on one of the days and took some pictures along the way and back

 This are the burial mounds at Hamad Town

Rows of embassies along the road leading to National Museum

Sitting at a bus stop in Hamad Town, from Souq Waqef

The Corniche

The souq waqef is rows and rows of shops serving take away lunches and dinner, bakery shops, bridal shops and shopping malls for catering to the taste of locals. There were even a handful of toy shops and jewelers

A look inside an Egytian bakery

A plate of kusheri, which my husband used to have in Dubai. Although this wasn't as close as what he had but it was good to try this because I had wanted to make this at home sometime

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