Friday, May 31, 2013

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Doha Review: Thai Smile @ Al Bidda Park

Several weeks ago, I decided to try out the Thai food from this Thai restaurant located in Al Bidda Park which is like 30 mins walk from where I am staying. Their tom yum soup tasted so damn good; this was probably the best tom yum I've tasted in the whole of Qatar! Really, its that good and tasty! Unfortunately the same can't be said for the green curry. I wished they had mango sticky rice but nevertheless the tom yum made up for the rest of the food (bland tasting keow teuw shaped like fetucelle)

The place itself is like a hidden gem, it's easy to miss it so if you're walking along Cornice from West Bay, you come to a point where across the road there is a park, and a small coffee stall visible from Cornice. It's immediately after the Cornice roundabout and there is a traffic light next to the coffee stall. You won't miss it.

The whole place is under this green hill, dug out to house a mosque and rows of retail shops, restaurants and bakeries. Unfortunately, this idea probably didn't hit off very well because there were only a handful of operating shops here. Even at 5pm, an eerie kind of quietness accompanied me as I walked along the man-made lake to the mosque end

This bakery no longer functions

Thai Smile is next to the mosque in Al-Bidda park

I took the liberty to picture the interior and the menu

Now, if you found my earlier geographic explanation confusing then this landmark ought to paint a better picture of finding this restaurant

The Thai green curry

The tom yum soup

The bland keow teuw

The tab...

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