Friday, May 31, 2013

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French Bread, Sweet Sour Baked Tofu and Cucumber Yogurt Chutney

This I had forgotten to blog. I had try out a 3 course recipe:

Mock chicken curry
Sweet sour tofu
Tofu with molasses topping
Brinjal Bruschetta

The tofu (with molasses sauce topping) didn't come out right, I took the recipe from Nigella Bites (I can't seem to find the recipe online now, it's probably removed from her site)

The ingredients, read for cooking!

Cooking the brinjal; topping for the Brinjal Bruschetta 

Going into the oven...

...and out!

The failed tofu with molasses syrup topping, I think this is recipe that would probably work in the UK but not in Asia.

Cucumber yogurt chutney

Mock chicken curry

White rice to go with it all

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