Friday, May 3, 2013

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Online Exam Review

After much insisting from my husband, I decided to join Freelancer and take some of the exams offered. They're relatively cheap ( at USD 5 each) and compromises of 40 MCQ questions, and 15 minutes given to complete a test. I know the time given isn't much-probably to stop users from searching online for answers. I took the Unix Lvl 1 exam twice, after 6 months of going offline with Unix and Linux I was surprised I even passed! The passing marks were 75% and my first exam score was 70%. The second time I passed with 80%, which was still below average scores.

Anyhow I will be posting both my attempts for your perusal-so you know what you'll have to prepare yourself with.

Update: I took the UK English Exam just now and passed the second attempt with 80%

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