Monday, June 24, 2013

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Borneo Review: Diving off Mabul Island

The youngest of my sibling, my brother is often exposed to ultimate spoildom by his three elder sisters. We get goodies, treat him and well just showing him a good time while we can. This month, being his birthday month he was pampered for a weekend at Sabah with my other sister whom is doing her housemanship as a pharmacist in Tawau Hospital.

They stayed in Uncle Chang's Resort, and you can find their diving courses and accommodation prices here. He had fun diving and is enjoying himself thoroughly over there. I will update you with more details later on, meanwhile some pictures to feast your eyes on!

...the locals in their wooden houses on stilts

...and some underwater pictures

...and some grub after an eventful day

...some pictures taken by the patiently awaiting sister

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