Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Doha Review: Cupcake Factory @ Landmark Mall

I was carving for cupcake and went to Landmark to get one, it was easier to get a cab back home I figured and I could do a bit of summer shopping. I shouldn't have gone to this shack. All the cupcakes had cheap butter cream frosting and I can single out the only cupcake worth trying which was the red velvet. The other two were terrible and I had to forcefully swallow the dry cake and hard frosting. You can get way better cupcakes in Malaysia, not to mention the Cupcake Factory's cupcakes were sold at 15 riyals each. What a rip off!!!

I bought the basics chocolate and vanilla and the red velvet. And I burned 45 riyals on cupcakes. It totally killed anymore desire I had for cupcakes. Guess I'll just have to buy them when I go back to KL

Red velvet is the one with pink butter cream frosting. The chocolate has fresh white cream frosting and vanilla has a coffee colored butter cream frosting

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