Friday, September 13, 2013

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Beauty Blender from Serendipity

The sponge expands to twice its size when contacted with water

The purchase

I bought this from Serendipity the official retailer for Beauty Blender in Malaysia (click to find out about other brands sold by Serendipity) few weeks ago and it is by far the bestest foundation and concealer applicator I have in my makeup kit. I got it in like 3 days and I am happy with the shipping service. The seller also had a note inside the package on how to open the box to avoid damaging the sponge and a note stating that first wash will run the pink color and that is to be expected. I washed mine a few times already and the pink color still runs, but at least it's clean

The user

I am not a professional make up artist but an avid personal makeup user and I'm new to face contouring and this tear-drop sponge comes in handy when I am learning to do face and nose contouring because the tiny end reaches small and precise areas around my face so I don't miss a spot

The parcel

The unveiling...
The Application

After testing it last night, I found that the sponge made foundation and concealer easy to apply and blend on my skin. It especially worked well with creamy product like my new Sedona Lace concealer palette with I am using as foundation. Because of its tear-drop shape I could use it to reach precise area such as my nose, under-eyes-circles and the corner of my eyes

The two tear-drop beauty blenders. Priced at RM107 + RM 5

I would recommend this product to everyone who is new to makeup and tend to smudge or overdo their foundation. This thing works like magic.

The Sponge Maintenance

My only qualm is that you need to clean it every time after use, otherwise you will start seeing black spots appear on your sponge (horror!) I fill up a glass with hot water and pour in few drops of Johnson's Baby Shampoo and then drop the sponge in. You soak it in for a few minutes and let the soap sit in, then squeeze out the water. The soap would have removed the foundation/concealer marks from the sponge. Repeat this until your sponge is clean. Note that when you wash it, the pink color will run. That's normal and to be expected. Finally,give the sponge a good wash under running warm tap water then squeeze out the water and let it to dry. You can also use it semi-wet so instead of using moisturizer you use the wet sponge to blend base makeup on your face (i.e contouring)

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