Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Food Review: Bombay Chowpatty

This shack sells a lot of wares, from kachoris to bhel puris. The shacks here are usually attached to a shopping mall, protruding like a sore addition to a perfectly smooth face. They have tons of vegetarian snack food up for your selection; depending on what kind of snack person you are

Are you a samosa and tea person?

Are you a bhel puri and buttermilk person?

Are you a dahi waffle and juice person?

By now you'd probably figure out what they sell. The only downside of Bombay Chowpatty is that they're located so far away from West Bay. All their branches are in places where there is a high density of Indian expats, like near the airport. I wished they had a branch in City Center. But oh well, whatever. We had their karak and it was too sweet. I find the karak here way too sweet for my taste buds

The guy didn't allow me to take any more pictures than I already did so are the pictures after the jump. Taken in Al Meera Hypermarket Airport branch-it's right behind Family Food Center, you won't miss it

You can see the glass casing with all the fried puri they use and a not very happy guy behind the counter

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  1. Nice Review.. wish they had some chaat places here like mumbai!!