Friday, December 20, 2013

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All the Chinese Vegetarian Restaurants

There are a handful of Chinese vegetarian restaurants in Seri Kembangan (my new home) My favorites are the ones in Equine Park; there is one run by the Buddhist temple and everyday they have buffet lunch where you can eat to your filling and pay whatever you like. Then there's the other restaurant aptly named MyVege that has a more expensive range of Chinese vegetarian food and they don't close at 3-5pm which the other vege shop does. Both these vegetarian restaurants are in Equine Park behind Jusco. The third one was a recent discovery, my sister in law had packed food from there; the portions are huge and the price is also expensive. A plate of nasi lemak with chinese tea will set you back RM 7.50. At the Buddhist run shop it will cost you RM 6.50. Don't even ask me what MyVege charges. Every time I go there my tab is never below RM 35

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