Sunday, February 2, 2014

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Joomla Article Manager Photo Uploads with Simple Image Gallery Pro

This was too annoying I just had to blog about it. I was arranging my pictures in Joomla's article manager with the Simple Image plugin, and couldn't help but point out one teeny tiny flaw in the tool. By default after all the images are uploaded, the picture you choose to Insert into your Article will be the first picture in the group of pictures upload. And the first picture is the picture in ASCENDING FUCKING ORDER!

So if you upload 5 images, and they're named as such:


And you want the default picture to be the latter, you will have to rename it. To cut my babble short allow me to demonstrate

1. First click on the Simple Image button at the bottom of your article. This plugin doesn't come free, it will cost you about 15 Euros

2. Create a gallery to upload your picture

3. Upload your pictures by dragging them into the drag box or manually upload them

4. Make sure you rename the first image to ensure that the picture you want is the first thumbnail image of the article

Of course, to make the articles appear in an uneven mosaic you need an altogether different module...

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