Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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Food Review: Ipoh Curry Mee

I did this last weekend and it turned out alright!

Step One

You cut all the vegetables needed. The dry tofu into cubes and  the brinjals and long beans into 4 cm lengths. Wash some curry leaves for frying. Set aside few pieces of lemon grass ends (serai) I accidentally used daun limau but the smell was good nevertheless.

Step Two

Boil the long beans and brinjals in lightly salted water until they're soft

Step Three

While boiling the vegetables, get the curry paste mix done. Mix 4 part curry leaves and 1 part chili powder (depending on how spicy you want your curry to be) into a bowl and add some water into it. Set aside

Step Four

Heat some oil in a wok. I am using a heavy bottomed wok my mum bought from India

Step Five

Add curry leaves into the heated oil. Fry them for 1-2 minutes

Step Six

Add in the curry paste cocktail into the mixture

Step Seven

The recipe I referred to said to cook the curry paste till fragrant but what you really need to do is cook it until some part of the water has dried up, and it looks a little like the picture shown below. The other indicator to know when your "curry" is cooked is when you start seeing a light sheen of oil layer appearing on top of the curry. To cook curry quickly and dry up some of the water, dim the gas and cover the wok

Step Eight

Add in a whole box of unsweetened soy milk. This is the soy milk I used.

Step Nine

Add in the dried tofu, add some salt and sugar to taste. Because mine was less tasty I added some chili sauce

Step Ten

Throw in washed and blanched mee, and bring the whole thing to boil.

The whole recipe took me about 1.5 hours from preparation to cooking to dishing out to eat. Garnish the curry mee with kalamansi lemon and mint leaves

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